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Invite cards for a sermon series on marriage. Printed on 16 pt business cards, with gold foil, spot gloss, and a silk finish. They wanted something small like a business card to hand out in the community. The look and feel were to be classy, and reminiscent of a wedding invitation.

Sermon Series Card Design

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There Must Be More Than This

There Must Be More Than This

Playing with the idea of “floating text” today. Here’s my first shot at it. Kinda fun…

note: The photo is not my own. It was a free download from

There Must Be More Than This

Always wanted to do this. I like how on shows like “Fringe” the title text is always floating in the shot as if it’s a physical object. The drop shadow on this isn’t quite right yet, but I think I’m good with it for now. Love you thoughts! Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


LIT Youth Ministry contact card



Just a simple contact card for LIT Youth Ministries.

Kids are more likely to grab and fill out a card if it looks cool. So we set this up to try and increase our contact follow up. It totally worked. We had a lot more people turn this in than the previous one. (Probably had nothing to do with also giving out a candy bar when they returned it, right?)


Spotlight: Ghost (the Holy Spirit)

PFB: Ghost - final

CLIENT: Pomona First Baptist Church

This graphic was for their “Flood” college ministry. They did a series on the Holy Spirit (Ghost), called “Ghost”.

I wanted to play with the idea of exploring something completely different graphically to represent the Holy Spirit. Usually, the symbol is a dove, but I wanted to break out of the norm for this. The series was created to present a different side of the subject, so the art should do the same. I loved the idea of going a little bit toward the supernatural-ghost-horror flick type of graphic. I started with three ideas. Here are the three initials I sent over:


PFB: Ghost – Concept #1
My first thought was to use an image I had of an old church and make it look sort-of haunted.

PFB: Ghost – Concept #2
For something completely different, I also used this stock image of smoke with simple text. There is something mysterious about just the smoke and the empty space. [This was rejected for looking too much like cigarette smoke, which I believe that picture is...] But they liked the concept of the empty-ness with a bit of smoke or something.

PFB: Ghost – Concept #3
This was another variation of #1. I used two of my own stock photos, the church and the foggy plain, and added some smoke and subtle text. I love this concept and might reuse it for something else.

Here is the final result. They had really liked the font from #1, but it didn’t work on the black background, so we kept this one. I added a bit of the smoke to the text instead of having it to the side. The green tint adds a bit of a supernatural/mysterious look. They were really happy with the final concept, and so was I.

What do you think? How did it turn out?

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Bookmark for youth group


Just put out new bookmarks for our youth ministry. I am kind of stoked on the design, so I thought I’d share:

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