Get A Real Email Address Already!


"What's wrong with my email address?" Funny you should ask. Does your business have a website? (If the answer is no, that needs to change. EVERYONE is online in some form or another, and it looks very amateurish if you have no web presence for … [Read more...]

A Business Card Guide: 7 Steps to Understanding the Options


Business has changed a lot in the last 30 years, due to the emergence of e-business, or online business. But regardless of the amount of online connection and marketing you do, you still need a way to connect people to your business in the real … [Read more...]

Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll


This is another flyer done for my youth group. It's for a series on purity, and we focused on purity in music and lyrics, drugs and alcohol, and sex and relationships. I say all of that to share the thoughts behind the design. Knowing that this … [Read more...]