Brian at UNfallenART really came through for us wh…


Brian at UNfallenART really came through for us when we needed a clean, bold and powerful graphic to quickly draw people into our story. His "One Billion...Help" design has been featured across our site, on posters and on hundreds of pieces of … [Read more...]

A Brave New Kingdom

This was a really cool sermon series about the Kingdom of Heaven. As you hopefully garnered from the title, there is a reference to "Brave New World". I was asked to produce some art for this that would go along with that kind of propaganda feel as a … [Read more...]

The Reason for the Season

CHURCH SERIES GRAPHICS: Pomona First Baptist - "The Reason"

I just finished a project for Pomona First Baptist Church in Pomona, CA. They are doing a series for Christmas called "The Reason". It's about prophecies concerning the coming Messiah, all based in Isaiah 9. I tried to play with the traditional … [Read more...]

faith hope love


I've been sketching these negative space typography pieces lately, and I wanted to try a few of them as designed pieces. Since the negative space is part of the design, i can't really go big on background. I might try adding something later, but … [Read more...]

Z-axis poster.


I was asked to speak at this youth retreat this upcoming weekend. I'm really excited about it. It's about breaking free from a 2-dimensional faith, and living life in an active relationship with God through the Holy Spirit. We decided to call the … [Read more...]