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Brian at UNfallenART really came through for us when we needed a clean, bold and powerful graphic to quickly draw people into our story. His “One Billion…Help” design has been featured across our site, on posters and on hundreds of pieces of merchandise. Our supporters love how it helps them share our mission. We do too!


This was a really cool sermon series about the Kingdom of Heaven. As you hopefully garnered from the title, there is a reference to “Brave New World”. I was asked to produce some art for this that would go along with that kind of propaganda feel as a further reference. I love the irony of using propaganda to promote an idea that is revolutionary in our hearts, but is not a political revolution. So here’s what we came up with:Read more


I’ve been sketching these negative space typography pieces lately, and I wanted to try a few of them as designed pieces.

Since the negative space is part of the design, i can’t really go big on background. I might try adding something later, but for now, I really like the result.

What do you think?