Brian at UNfallenART really came through for us wh…


Brian at UNfallenART really came through for us when we needed a clean, bold and powerful graphic to quickly draw people into our story. His "One Billion...Help" design has been featured across our site, on posters and on hundreds of pieces of … [Read more...]

Pink Rose with Dew #0024 – print for sale


Living in Orange County has some great perks. One is living near the ocean. Being by the sea, you get lots of sunshine, but you also get some great fog on occasion. This was taken on one of those gray seaside mornings, just out in the … [Read more...]

Dew Drop Rose #0036 – Print for sale


Early morning light on an overcast day allows for really rich colors with minimal shadows. This is one of the best times to shoot. I'll keep posting images from this morning, I have a lot. Hope you enjoy! Love this photo? Get one for your home! … [Read more...]

Dead Flowers. (daily365: 01/05/10)


Yesterday's picture. Took a walk and got this pic of dead flowers. The petals look like strips of fabric. UPDATE: This image is available as a print! Check out my store to buy one: I'm trying to create something everyday. I was going … [Read more...]